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Guided Reading Sets

Below is an alphabetized list of the guided reading sets we presently stock. Our sets contain 6 books. Beside most titles are the corresponding balanced literacy levels (according to criteria established by Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell).

Determining a book level is not an exact science and as such you may find a different level for a particular book elsewhere. See link page for more information about leveling.

If you wish a different number of these books or wish other titles you don't see please inquire.


A Girl Named Disaster - Nancy Farmer- X

A Handful of Time - Kit Pearson - U

A Time of Angels - Karen Hesse - W

Abel's Island - William Steig - T


Afternoon on the Amazon� (Magic Tree House) - M

Amber Brown Goes Fourth (Paula Dazinger) - N

Among the Hidden - Margaret Peterson W


Buffalo Before Breakfast� (Magic Tree House) - M

Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Televison Dog - Suzy Kline - L

Cam Jansen Mystery of the Circus Clown - David Adler - L

Cam Jansen Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds - David Adler - L

Case of the Missing Hamster (Jigsaw Jones Mystery) - N

Catherine Called Birdy - Karen Cushman - U

Charlotte 's Web - E. B. White - Q

Days of the Dragon King� (Magic Tree House) - M

Dear. Mr. Henshaw - Bevely Cleary - Q

Dinosaurs Before Dark� (Magic Tree House) -M

Double Fudge - Judy Blume - Q


Dracula Doesn't Drink Lemonade ( Bailey School Kids) -M

Esio Trot - Roald Dahl - T


George's Marvellous Medicine - Roald Dahl - N

Gremlins Don't Chew Bubble Gum ( Bailey School Kids) - M

Help I'm Trapped in Obedience School - Todd Strasser - Q

Help I'm Trapped in Obedience School Again - Todd Strasser - Q

Holes - Louis sachar - V


Homeless Bird - Gloria Whelan- S

Horrible Harry and the Dragon War- Suzy Kline - L

Hour of the Olympics� (Magic Tree House) - M

Hush - Jaccqueline Woodson


Julie of the Wolves - Jean Craighead George - U

Lyddie -Kit Pearson - U


Maniac Magee- Jerry Spinelli - W

Midnight on the Moon� (Magic Tree House) - M

Miracles on Maple Hill - Virginia Sorenson - R

Misty of Chicoteague - Marguerite Henry - S

Mr. Popper's Penguins _ Richard Atwater -T

Mystery at Lake Placid - Roy MacGregor


Night of the Ninja� (Magic Tree House) - M


No More Dead Dogs - Gordon Korman- U


Not so Jolly Roger - Jon Scieszka - P


Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great - Judy Blume - Q

Phoenix Rising - Karen Hesse - W

Pirates Past Noon � (Magic Tree House) - M

Polar Bears Past Bedtime� (Magic Tree House) - M

Ramona and her Father- Beverley Cleary - O

Ramona Forever- Beverley Cleary - O

Rascal - Sterling North - V


Sam Samurai � Jon Scieszka -P

Skellig - Daveid Almond


Sounder - Armstrong - T


Strider - Beverley Cleary - R


Stuart Little - E.B. White - R


Survivng the Applewhiltes - U


Takeoffs and Landings - Margaret Peterson - W

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing � Judy Blume - Q

The BFG - Roald Dahl - U


The Boggart - Susan Cooper - U


The Boggart and the Monster- Susan Cooper - U

The Daring Game - Kit Pearson


The Ear The Eye The Arm - Nancy Farmer - W

The Egypt Game - Zilpha Keatley Snydser - U

The Fear Place - Phylis Reynolds Naylor

The Littles  Go Exploring (John Peterson) - M

The Littles & the Great Halloween Scare (John Peterson) - M

The Littles and the Terrible Tiny Kid (John Peterson) - M

The Littles and the Trash Tinies (John Peterson) - M

The Littles Give a Party - John Peterson - M

The Littles Give a Party (John Peterson) - M

The Littles Go To School (John Peterson) - M

The Littles Take a Trip (John Peterson) - M

The Music of Dolphins - Karen Hesse - V

The Night They Stole the Stanley Cup - Roy MacGregor

The Other Side of the Truth - Beverley Naidoo

The Outsider - S.E. Hinton


The Pigman - Paul Zindel


The Red Rose Box - Brenda Woods

The Same Stuff as Stars - Katherine Patterson - Y

The Theif - Megan Whalen Turner

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle - Avi - V

The Trumpet of the Swan - E.B. White - S

The View From Saturday Night - E.L. Konigsburg - U

The Well - Mildred Taylor - T


The Westing Game - Ellen Raskin - V

The Witches - Roald Dahl - R


The Wizzle War (Macdonald Hall) - Gordon Korman

Things Not Seen - Andrew Clements - U

Thunder Cave - Roland Smith


Time Warp Trio - Its all Greek to Me - Jon Scieszka- P

Time Warp Trio - See You later Gladiator - Jon Scieszka -O

Time Warp Trio - Summer Reading is Killing Me - Jon Scieszka - N

Time Warp Trio - Viking it and Liking it � Jon Scieszka - P

Time Warp Trio 2095 � Jon Scieszka -P

Time Warp Trio -Your Mother Was a Neanderthal � Jon Scieszka - P

Tonight on the Titanic� (Magic Tree House) - M

What a trip Amber Brown - Paula Dzinger - N

What Would Joey Do ? - Jack Gantos - T

Wringer - Jerry Spinelli - W


Zooman Sam - Lois Lowry


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