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Another important Book by Margaret Wise Brown

List Price: 8.99     Our Price: 5.00

Illustrations and simple rhyming text describe how a child grows from ages one through six.


Bad Boys by Margie Palantini

List Price: 6.99     Our Price: 5.00

Two hungry wolves in disguise attempt to raid a sheep farm.


Goldie and the Three Bears by Diane Stanley

List Price: 8.75     Our Price: 5.00

In this new version of can Goldie help it if everyone she invites over is too bossy or too boring or too snobby? What Goldie desperately wants is a friend and one day, she finds one who's just right.


Winners Never Quit by Mia Hamm

List Price: 8.75     Our Price: 5.00

Mia loves playing soccer . . . until she has trouble scoring a goal. Can Mia learn that being a team player is more important than whether you win or lose?


Chicka Chicka 1, 2, 3 by Bill Martin Junior

List Price: 8.50     Our Price: 5.00

In this follow up to Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, numbers take over an apple tree, rather than letters tumbling from coconut tree branches.


Honey.. Honey.. Lion! : Story From Africa by Jan Brett

List Price: 8.50     Our Price: 5.00

When Greedy Badger decides to keep the honeycomb all to himself, instead of sharing it with Honeyguide Bird, he is chased through a pond, over an anthill and through a landscape of many exotic animals where something waits to teach Badger a valuable lesson.


How Santa Got

List Price: 8.50     Our Price: 5.00

Santa wasn't always the jolly, overweight, gift-giving fellow that we now know and love. He tried his hand at all sorts of different jobs. It wasn't until he was lucky enough to meet a friendly bunch of elves that Santa found his true calling . . . and the job of his dreams.


If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Laura Numeroff

List Price: 6.95     Our Price: 4.00

Relating the cycle of requests a mouse is likely to make after you give him a cookie takes the reader through a young child's day.


Come along Daisy

List Price: 9.99     Our Price: 5.00

Daisy the duckling becomes so engrossed in playing with dragonflies and lily pads that she temporarily loses her mother.


Officer Buckle And Gloria" Peggy Rathman

List Price: 8.95     Our Price: 5.00

Whenever Officer Buckle tries to share his safety tips, nobody listens. Until, that is, the Napville Police Department buys a police dog named Gloria.


Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash

List Price: 8.95     Our Price: 4.00

Each Monday at dawn, Mrs. Nelly McNosh brings out a barrel and does a big wash. Mrs. McNosh's wash is certainly big - and definitely wacky. You'll be surprised to see what is hanging on her clothesline by the end of the day!


Stella Louella's Runaway Book by Lisa Campbell Ernst

List Price: 8.99     Our Price: 5.00

It's Stella Louella's library due date, but aghast! She can't find the book anywhere. Almost everyone in town joins in on the frantic search, and the wild book chase begins. Full color.


The Secret Knowledge Of Grown-Ups: The Second File by David Wisniewski

List Price: 8.99     Our Price: 6.00

A humorous revelation of the real reasons why adults tell children to do things, such as "Eat your vegetables," "Comb your hair," and "Don't blow bubbles in your milk."


Tell Me Again About The Night I Was Born by Jamie Lee Curtis

List Price: 8.50     Our Price: 5.00

In asking her mother and father to tell her about the night of her birth, a young girl shows that it is a cherished tale she knows by heart. The bestselling authors bring us this celebration of the love and joy a baby brings into the world. Funny, tender, and altogether exuberant, here is the heartwarming story of how one special child - and a wonderful family - is born.


The three little pigs by Steven Kellogg

List Price: 8.99     Our Price: 5.00

In this retelling of a well-known tale, Serafina Sow starts her own waffle-selling business in order to enable her three offspring to prepare for the future, which includes an encounter with a surly wolf



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