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Because of Winn-Dixie by Christopher Paul Curtis
List Price: 8.99     Our Price: 5.00

2000 Newbery Medal winner. Ten-year-old Bud, a motherless boy living in Flint , Michigan , during the Great Depression, escapes a bad foster home and sets out in search of the man he believes to be his father


Surviving the Applewhites by Stephanie S. Tolan

List Price: 8.99     Our Price: 5.00

2003 Newbery Honor Book. Rumor has it that Jake Semple burned down his old school. Only one place will take him now--a home school run by the Applewhites, a chaotic family of artists. Jake thinks surviving this one will be a breeze. But is he really as tough or as bad as he seems?


Crispin: The Cross of Lead by Avi

List Price: 9.99     Our Price: 5.00

2003 Newbery Award Winner. In medieval England , 13-year-old Crispin has no home, family, or possessions. Accused of a crime he didn't commit, he takes his mother's cross of lead and begins an amazing and terrifying journey across the English countryside


Everything on a Waffle by Polly Horvath

List Price: 8.99     Our Price: 5.00

2002 Newbery Honor Book. Eleven-year-old Primrose living in a small fishing village in British Columbia recounts her experiences and all that she learns about human nature and the unpredictability of life in the months after her parents are lost at sea.


The Wanderer by Sharon Creech

List Price: 8.99     Our Price: 5.00

2001 Newbery Honor Book. Thirteen-year-old Sophie and her cousin Cody record their transatlantic crossing aboard the Wanderer, a forty-five foot sailboat, which, along with uncles and another cousin, is en route to visit their grandfather in England .


Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelan

List Price: 8.99     Our Price: 5.00

National Bookd Award Winner. When thirteen-year-old Koly enters into an ill-fated arranged marriage, she must either suffer a destiny dictated by India 's tradition or find the courage to oppose it.


Things not Seen

List Price: 8.99     Our Price: 5.00

When fifteen-year-old Bobby wakes up and finds himself invisible, he and his parents and his new blind friend Alicia try to find out what caused his condition and how to reverse


Camp X

List Price: 8.99     Our Price: 5.00

It's 1943, and nearly-12-year-old George and his older brother Jack are spending a restless wartime summer in Whitby , Ontario .. One afternoon, the boys stumble across Canada 's top-secret spy camp-and so begins an exciting and terrifying adventure as George and Jack get caught up in the covert activities of Camp X.


Geronimo Stilton

List Price: 6.98     Our Price: 4.00

The internationally bestselling book series that stars a mouse who runs the newspaper on Mouse Island -- but whose true passion is writing tales of adventure -- is here. The books feature full-color illustrations on each page


Junie B Jones

List Price: 5.50     Our Price: 3.00

Junie B. brings her saucy, irreverent, honest humor to first grade and so copes with a number of upsetting surprises The book captures Junie B.'s particular way of speaking, grammatical oversights included. The illustrations are on the mark in interpreting some amusing and dramatic scenes.


Nose from Jupiter

List Price: 9.99     Our Price: 5.00

Alan is not big or strong. He hates playing soccer and can barely keep up in math class. Moreover he's fodder for every bully for miles around. But all that changes the day Norbert, an alien from Jupiter, comes to earth on an exploration mission and moves into � Alan's nose.


Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

List Price: 13.95     Our Price: 5.00

Wendelin Van Draanen is at her best here with a knockout cast of quirky characters and a hilarious series of misunderstandings and missed opportunities. But underlying the humor are two teens in transition. They are each learning to look beyond the surface of people, both figuring out who they are, who they want to be, and who they want to be with.


Wringer by Jerry Spinelli

List Price: 8.99     Our Price: 5.00

From Newbery Medal winner Jerry Spinelli comes a gripping tale of how one boy learns how not to be afraid. For as long as Palmer LaRue can remember, he has dreaded the day he turns ten--the day he'll take his place beside the other ten-year-old boys in town and become a wringer. In Palmer's town, being a wringer is an honor, a tradition passed down from father to son. Will he find the courage to stand up to his town?


The Anybodies by N. E. Bodie

List Price: 8.99     Our Price: 5.00

After learning that she is not the biological daughter of boring Mr. and Mrs. Drudger, Fern embarks on magical adventures with her real father and finally finds "a place that feels like home."


Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry

List Price: 9.99     Our Price: 6.00

This eagerly awaited companion volume, to The Giver by contrast, takes place in a village with only the most rudimentary technology, where anger, greed, envy, and casual cruelty make ordinary people's lives short and brutish. This society, like the one portrayed in The Giver, is controlled by merciless authorities with their own complex agendas and secrets. And at the center of both stories there is a young person who is given the responsibility of preserving the memory of the culture--and who finds the vision to transform it.


Life In Hiding (Anne Frank) by Joanna Hurwitz

List Price: 6.50     Our Price: 4.00

In this sensitive and thoughtful introduction to the Holocaust and to the life of one of its best known victims, acclaimed author Johanna Hurwitz deftly evokes the background of World War II while capturing the unforgettable spirit and tragedy of Anne's life.


The Mayor of Central Park by Avi

List Price: 6.50     Our Price: 4.00

The Newbery Medalist creates a new animal world in New York's Central Park in the year 1900, where squirrels manage baseball teams, rats invade the park, and a possum works to save the day.


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